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Originally Posted by charles Tauber View Post
It does sound like it's well past time to upgrade.

I can understand being impatient and wanting to buy now. In the absence of being able to personally inspect and play an individual instrument, there isn't a lot of objective criteria to use to distinguish between one instrument and another. It then becomes mostly a crapshoot.
Yes. Trouble is, even when trying instruments in shops in the past I've found it hard to compare similar models.
A few years back I was doing that for a new steel-string, and was surprised that everything sounded and felt "kind of OK" (up to and above my budget at the time), but I never got the "wow" sensation one gets when one instrument speaks to you, when it feels and sounds just right.
In the end I bought one on ebay purely on reputation, and it was great - not quite what I'd been looking for (I wanted a wider nut originally), but the sound and feel otherwise was perfect. And well under my budget too.
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