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Originally Posted by JonPR View Post
I should say I'm not currently in any rush to buy.
You don't say what your intended purpose is for the guitar. Do you want to play classical music on it using classical technique, for example, or jazz, or ...? Do you have a particular sort of sound in mind?

About two years ago, in preparation for a new guitar build, a friend and I went to the best music store in our greater geographical region. We played classical guitars that ranged in price from $1k to $14k. They were by many different makers, some famous, some not, some were new, some were old. Their was no obvious correlation between any factor and the sound of the instruments. The highest price didn't give the best sound, the name of the maker didn't correlate with sound, old or new didn't correlate with best sound. There is VAST difference between them, regardless of price, age or maker.

My recommendation, particularly with classical guitars, is - if you have something specific in mind sound-wise - don't buy sight-un-seen. If you can wait, wait until you can go try a bunch a base your decision of experience of them, rather than spec sheets or on-line videos.
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