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Originally Posted by Wrighty View Post
Tough call, good luck.

I’m looking forward to hearing what you decide on.

I presume you're saying that - to your knowledge - those models are likely to be roughly equal in quality and value?

It's frustrating that Ramirez's own site says so little about the history of its range and various models. You can drown in that sort of info on Gibson and Fender!
I've been compiling a list myself based on all the numbers, letters and dates I can find online, and it's bewildering - they change the model numbers frequently (presumably with minimal changes in design), and I'm clearly only scratching the surface.

I only have the reputation to go for anyway, and plenty of people are saying how good Cordoba are for similar prices. It's hard to tell differences in sound from youtube demos!

But yes I'll let you know when I make my decision! Or maybe that should be if....
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