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Default Ramirez second-hand

Currently contemplating replacing my cheap old nylon-string with something classier (I deserve it ), and am thinking Ramirez, possibly Cordoba.

Obviously I'm looking on ebay - no opportunity to try these things out atm - and the price ranges are astonishing (I mean down to amazingly, suspiciously cheap).
I realise choice is down to personal taste, I'm just looking for any more background info on the following models, as sellers either don't provide it or don't know. I'm in UK, btw.

Ramirez 1975. Label has the address Concepcion Jeronima no.2, but no model number. There are two of this same model currently for sale, 1100 and 1200 (this is top of my budget).

Ramirez R1, 1997, 700 (maybe 750-800 with delivery). good condition. This is currently top of my list - assuming it's comparable in quality to the above two - but I'm intrigued by the next two:

Ramirez 1E, 1988, 155 - poor cosmetic condition - clearly a carelessly treated guitar, but the damage looks superficial.

Ramirez, no model number or date; the label is a blue circular one, "para rondalla" address Concepcion Jeronima no.5 (not 2). Looks antique, probably cheap originally, looks like a flamenco model. Current top bid 70!

Cordoba C5-CE, 170. very good condition

Obviously I can afford more than these tempting low prices, the question is whether it's worth it.
I should say I'm not currently in any rush to buy. I can wait for a suitable bargain to turn up if I know better what to look for.
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