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Originally Posted by DownUpDave View Post
Thank you brother......I will take my place beside you in the ignorance line

IR = Impulse Response.

Basically it is a digital file that is created after the software 'listens' to your actual guitar through your actual pickup and an actual mic. Somehow, using diabolical magic of dubious origin, it creates a digital file that somewhat replicates the mic sound. Mics always sound better than pickups.

So if you have an 'IR Loader' like a ToneDexter, any number of Line 6 products, you can now play with a two source system - source one being your actual pickup, source two being the IR which generates an accurate guitar tone when you play.

In my case, I use the Line 6 Helix products and they allow you to split your signal, so I can plug in with one pickup, split the signal, have only the IR on the second 'channel' with its own EQ, gain setting etc and blend it back in with the pickup before output.

TL,DR: fancy modern tech that allows your guitar to sound better.
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