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I gave bridge beads a try on a ukulele and a guitar I use to have.
I used the beads because I felt it would help save wear and tear on the bridge from the traditional method of attaching stings to the bridge.
You may notice the guitar is showing slight wear on the bridge next to the bridge beads, from when the two previous sets of strings were tied to the bridge.

Of the two styles of beads, I preferred the smaller sized beads that are shown on the guitar. Because the beads were a smaller size, it was a little more difficult for my clumsy fingers to thread the nylon string thru those tiny holes and tie off the string, but I favored the more compact appearance of smaller beads compared to the larger beads.
If I were to ever get another nylon stringed ukulele or guitar, I would use those smaller bridge beads again that I found at

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