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Originally Posted by rschultz View Post
THAT is the kind of experience and info I'm looking for. Although, as a guitarist, I wouldn't want a pickup that plugs directly into the amp... I'd want it wired into the end pin, personally.

Thanks for the suggestion, I'll look into those options if I get one without a pickup.
Hi rs...
I edited the post above yours to include the info that the DeanMarkley ProMag pickups have a ¼'' jack which attaches to the endpin and accepts guitar cables.

The thing we realized with $100 guitars (actually we use the $79 Rogue RA-100D from Musicians Friend - CLiCK) is they come without strap pins and cases. So I install strap pins as well (I also do this for student's guitars, and friends as needed. Strap pins are $.030 each and I get a dozen at a time).

We buy a gig bag and 10 sets of strings to include them with the guitar, along with a magnetic pickup at a total cost of about $175 (including the strings). Magnetic pickups are still the best low cost option because they require no preamp to work, and are bullet proof when it comes to feedback prevention.

Rogue actually offers a $129 Dread with Fishman electronics in it, but they really sound lame and crappy and feedback like crazy.

Hope this helps...

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