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Originally Posted by rschultz View Post

I'm looking to buy a good cheap guitar ($100-300) off of CL. The vast majority of guitars in this price range don't have a pickup. So if I did, I'd be looking to add a pickup to it. Or if I could find a good one with a pickup already in it, that would be golden.

What's the best pickup for this situation? Most bang-for-your-buck. Under saddle or under bridge doesn't really matter much - although I'd probably want an active system. I'd probably install it myself to save some money.

This guitar will go to Uganda, South Africa to a missionary team there - ABIDE. Contact me if you are willing to donate a guitar to this cause. There is a team going over this summer and would hand carry the guitar on the plane and through customs.
Hi rs...

$23 shipped with 9 foot cable and volume control - CLiCK

And it can be put in other instruments in 5 seconds...

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