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Originally Posted by Hillster View Post
I beg to differ. If they are of the same wood and bracing. They will sound like two guitars of the same design. These are hand built wooden instruments that no two will sound identical. Maybe those that think they are different are only hearing the sound of one example to a better example. You can grab two OM28s and play them side by side and one will sound better than the other. Now the OM28 is over a thousand more in price, so maybe it is the better quality of the wood used that would garner any advantage in sound.
I don't disagree with what you wrote. However, while the spec sheets Martin releases to the public provide useful information for comparative purposes, they do not tell the whole story. They are basic spec sheets. Maury's point regarding the bracing position of the HD-28 vs. HD-28V is one example of this.
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