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Most dealers haven't received the new OM-28 yet so opinions will be few and far between, but I just spent some time with one alongside the now discontinued OM-28V and tonally they are as identical as two all solid wood guitars can get. So if you have played the OM-28V than you will know what to expect from the new OM-28 tonally.

As far as tonal differences, he OM-21 is lighter built so it's a bit more responsive with a more open tone, while the OM-28 will have a bit more headroom and also more of that vintage Martin growl. No wrong choice here, just depends on the tone you are after. If you search these forums I'm sure you will find more detailed decryptions of both the OM-21 and OM-28V as they are both quite popular.

BTW, you are not the first to ask about this so look for a side by side video of the two on our Youtube page tomorrow.

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