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I'm an amateur and going against the advice of others worked out very well because of that - an amateur.

The super cheap Acoustic brand I picked up several years ago at a Guitar Center blow out sale has been plenty fine. It left significant money for more important things. The few times it's been used in public no one noticed it was a cheap and to many a craptatacular amp.

More recently it's been drum machine or software output for practice and looper.

Another bit of advice is look at used stuff. A guy who owns an area guitar shop that does a lot of used a repair business was a co-worker many years ago. He gives me good advice. He's pointed out how he's always got some plenty fine used acoustic amps for pennies on the dollar compared to what his professional customers seek.

There's no doubt that I appreciate better products out there but I thought another amateur might want to know about the cheapskate option that worked out well for me.
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