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Originally Posted by Otterhound View Post
I know people in the business . What things are being introduced by American Vinters to manipulate the finished taste ? I will ask about specifics .
Here is a very old article that mentions a few of the alterations that can be made to wine (adding sugar, adding oxygen, adding yeasts, de-alcoholization) as it ferments. And I have read about others (but cannot easily locate an article that mentions specifics). And, I have heard (to do not claim that this is a fact) that such alterations and interventions are more common in the US.

And, there is the issue (again, I don't know the facts) of the use of chemical pesticides and weedkillers.

My primary assertion is that my wife and I find most European wines more agreeable to our systems: much of the time, the consumption of a California wine (and other wines made in the States) leaves a trace of discomfort for us that is not nearly as common when we drink European wines. YMMV.
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