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Originally Posted by Doug Young View Post
Rooms have resonances and standing waves, so yes, different spots can sound different. Depending on your room, you may find spots that sound better than others. You can do a theoretical analysis, and there's software that can help you do that - check out my web site, a section on all steps I went thru in building my garage studio for some screen snaps - but it's easier and more efficient to just try things, the software is based on all kinds of assumptions about materials and so on, hard to take it too seriously. But your ear can tell you if one spot is better or not. If your room is too bad, nothing will help, tho. It just depends.

Here's an example of "beyond repair" - no change in location will fix this. This was my garage before I treated it - concrete floor, hard walls, etc:

Here's the same mic, guitar, and position after I was about 90% done with room treatment:

and then here's the result of closer micing, in stereo, again right after I'd finished adding room treatment (I think I'd added a bit more in the way of treatment by this time, + closer micing):

I hope I get better recordings than any of these now, but those were just quick examples trying to quantify whether all my work on room treatment was worthwhile.

Sorry for the thread drift...
This comparison you have done is amazing. Pretty hard to deny the difference in sound between the recordings.
You have put forth crystal clear evidence as to the importance of Room Treatment. Once again helping to get closer to the recorded sound process that I will need.
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