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Originally Posted by Bob Womack View Post
...snip...Overall, I feel like the mixes from Live at Pompeii are better than Live in Gdańsk...snip...Pompeii is much clearer. David is much livelier and the music is more energetic. As I mentioned in the review, for this outing David returned to his big rack-based rig (with many new pedals) and his sound is smoother and prettier to my ear. When compared to Remember that Night, Live in Gdańsk, which was the last performance of that tour, featured a band that appeared to me to be fatigued, road-worn, possibly a little played out. This appearance is the direct opposite: Steve Distanislao is back to smiling and and Guy Pratt is back to clowning. Did I mention that Gilmour plays a little percussion on one song?
Thanks so much for the thorough reply Bob!
I will definitely have to pick-up Live at Pompeii.
The first few times through I'll be listening alone so I can avaoid having to say, "I've got something in my eye."

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