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Originally Posted by ukejon View Post
TDidn't know that small rooms accented low-end noise, which I always have to EQ down.
I don't think Fran meant low end *noise*, particularly. If you have a lot of low end noise, and it isn't 60 Hz hum, it's probably just environmental noise. For most people, it's traffic, airplanes, refrigerators, etc, but you seem to have your own special noise source. Besides the high frequency surf sound, I assume there's a lot of low end that comes with it. You could figure out if the noise is coming from your preamp or your environment by using a null terminator instead of a mic. Just a resistor across a mic plug. Fran's the expert at these, he sent me a couple he built a while back :-) Fran, you could go into business selling these!
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