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JBL is upping the bar and taking care of the comparison between headphones and small monitors. Between now and Nov. 30th, if you buy a pair of the 2328Ps, they'll send you a set of AKG240 headphones. Their rebate page is HERE.

I don't have any experience with any of your choices. I can tell you that we've added a pair each of their big brothers, the LSR4326Ps and the LSR4328s, here at the facility where I work. They are working out well for the engineers who use them. I consider familiarity with your speakers to be a very important factor in getting a good mix. However, I was able to walk into the control room with the LSR4328Ps last week having mixed no prior product on them, and mix a band doing a live broadcast concert with very good results. For years JBL has been building speakers that not only are pretty accurate but have a reputation of not fatiguing the ears. That's pretty important. Perhaps that has applied downwards to the 2328s?

Something to keep in mind is that mixing on speakers is always preferred over mixing on headphones unless there is simply no other alternative. The soundstage from speakers translates much better in your mixes to other speakers than that of headphones.

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