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Default Studio Monitors Help! please...

Hi guys... I know this is not a Home Recording forum, but I need different perspectives on this to make a decision. Hopefully LJ, BobWomack, Doug Young, and any other person that is familiar with homerecording can help me make a PRACTICAL decision. (Remember this is not choosing a GUITAR, it's monitors)

Firstly, I am not a "Pro" at home recording but I do enjoy mixing and recording a LOT <I emphasize the "not a Pro">.

My dilemma is: What monitor pair is the most practical for my purposes and my application. . Here are options:

I am moving away from Alesis M1 Actives (6.5" woofer, 1" tweeter) and have these options:
- Yamaha HS80M 8" ($800)
- JBL LSR 2328P 8 ($700)
- KRK Rockit 8 Gen 2 ($500)
- Yamaha HS50M 5" ($400)
- KRK Rockit 6 ($400)
- Behringer TRUTH B2031A ($360)
- KRK Rockit 5 ($300)
- Behringer TRUTH B2030A ($300)

I know it's a lot of options but what I want to make a point is that I am not looking for the VERY BEST, I am looking at the best "bang for the buck", I realize that the HS80M fit almost in another league with the JBLs but I am throwing them in in case the ones below completely suck.

Essentially I am looking for:
- FLATNESS above all...
- Flexibility in adjusting to the room (I live in an apartment)
- No distortion when cranked
- Same detail at high AND low levels
- Trying to stay at or below $400
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