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Nice one, Todd! Hope it gives you what you're looking for...

Without exception, every R Taylor I ever held in my hands (20-30) were flawlessly finished and fit... as you said, an obvious "cut above" the standard Taylor line - and those are already darned near perfectly done.

I had occasion to visit the Taylor factory to check out a backlog of R Taylors that were back in the shop with Tim Lauranc. A buddy of mine pulled a couple strings, and I went down there fully prepared to purchase one if it "got me" in the right spot; the deal was I could get one of the "already built" R Taylors for 45% off of list, so it was a good opportunity.

Unfortunately, there weren't any that really grabbed a hold of my ears, but I was overall impressed by the whole operation, including the little shop where they had the R Taylor's built. As Tim explained to me, "it's like a small shop that has access to ANYTHING in the factory we might want or need...". They really were building them just a couple at a time, each in various stages of the build.

Excellent guitars, R Taylors! Enjoy!
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