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Default R. Taylor follow up....

Obviously there was a reason that I was asking about the dimensions of the R. Taylor Style One dimensions a few days ago. I had one in my sights

My quest for a larger bodied Mahogany/Spruce instrument that fits my ear has continued over the last couple of years. Had a couple that were very close to what I was looking for, but in the end something held them back.

I just got this today, so I'll hold any reactions to it tonally as I just got it cleaned up and the new strings are stretching in - I will say that so far it seems pretty impressive though.

One thing that was a really nice surprise was the gorgeous darkened bearclaw Adi top - it didn't show in the dealers photos that were taken in bright studio lighting. One of those that you could stare at for quite a while and not get bored.

There's no question these are on another level of workmanship - and it was MUCH lighter (even with the "stealth" ES system onboard) than I expected. Perfect setup and intonation right out of the box too (that makes it easy!)

This one had a couple of finish imperfections from a slightly botched "repair" so it was very easy on the pocket book. In the old days I wouldn't have been so tolerant, but I've softened some.

Here are a couple of shots.....

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