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Originally Posted by Pura Vida View Post
Well said. And I hate to break it to everyone, but The Cranberries song was released in 1994, which qualifies it as "classic" rock. 60s/70s/80s is considered "oldies" to many.
I am younger than many of you, but not as young as I used to be. (I know Zombie well, and distinctly remember listening to it on a friend's dad's CD player.)

I was driving my son home from school a few weeks ago, listening to a classic rock radio station. The song "Machinehead" by Bush came on the radio. At first I was like "I love this song" but then I realized that the first release on the CD I got for my birthday while I was a freshman . . . was now classic rock.

I know you've all been there, but that story seemed at least tangentially relevant here. Tangentially.
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