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Originally Posted by Misifus View Post
My offer to translate it is coming back to bite me. I could translate the sense of the lyrics, but that would probably not be singable. Or, I could try to write some singable lyrics to fit the music, but they would not be the same.

I know of several songs in Spanish and Portuguese which are translated to very different meanings in English - in some cases wildly different meanings. As I tackle Pancho and Lefty I am discovering why thatís so.
Listening to mexican radio for the last 3 decades, one often hears especially the 50's and 60's early rock n roll songs done in spanish. The lyrics are never even close. I'm fluent....and the translation provided in the first couple of posts looked pretty decent to me. One thing about translating poems or lyrics from english to spanish is that in spanish, most words end in vowels, which makes rhyming easy. What I'd recommend, which would benefit the intended teach him the song as it was written in english.
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