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I considered the Abel armrest. It has a classier look, and I was convinced I was going to get it until I found the Armadillo. The things that made me not go with the Abel armrest:
  • It doesn't look like something I can put on my instrument and forget about. It looks like I'd have to remove it to put my instrument in a case or gig bag.
  • When using my Guitar Lift accessory (which suction cups onto the back of the guitar), it's questionable if a conflict might be generated between the two accessories. They would only conflict in certain positions, but...why worry about accessories bumping into each other if I don't have to?
  • And a very low level and superficial reason to go with the Armadillo is that if your instrument is a beater or just loved long and hard enough, the Armadillo kind of looks like it'd go well with such an instrument. Good for the camp fire guitar playing parent sort you know?
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