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Originally Posted by jim1960 View Post
Just to be clear, comping as done in that video does not require full takes. You can begin a take at any point in the song. When I do comp tracks, I rarely play a song all the way through. I usually do 3-5 takes of a section and then move on to the next session. I will typically end up with groups of 3-4 sections and compile the track from those groups.

I find that going into the recording knowing I only have to nail a section or part of a section, really takes the pressure off of recording. That's the beauty of comping from playlists... you can segment the song into as many sections as you want and then just concentrate on nailing that short section.
Is mic placement ever an issue? I imagine you have to be careful to keep a consistent distance from the mic(s) to maintain consistent sound across takes, right?
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