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Originally Posted by theEdwinson View Post
You betcha, Ernie! You put me on to a bunch of design changes that came to define the EP Performance guitar model, version 3.0, that are still at the top of the line. The Element Florentine cutaway, and the Element rosette, both attributed to you. How's that waterfall Bubinga guitar holding up? Still a player?
Those designs are all yours and you were just kind enough to name them like you did. Yes, the waterfall bubinga/redwood is very much a player although I’m the one who hasn’t played in a long while. I will try to record again soon and send to you. My son who is now 24 has picked it as his favorite guitar and I’ve not even told him about the Element name. He is coming home next week so I will have a story to tell.

I’ll give you a shout next time we drive through Birmingham. Meanwhile, back to this beautiful guitar….
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