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Originally Posted by TomB'sox View Post
That is a beautiful picture, wow, such color...
Originally Posted by cigarfan View Post
Awesome photo! It really does look like mother of pearl. Peterborough skies ... amazing.
Originally Posted by ukejon View Post
Very cool photograph Mark.
Thanks! Here is a picture of the mother of pearl I'm using for the inlays. The pink shell I believe is fresh water shell that I got from a retiring knife

Here is the 12 fret cut shell getting ready to be inlayed. We were concerned that all of the grain in the Macassar Ebony fingerboard would obscure the inlay. Using shiny shell helps and it ties in with the headstock inlay. Another way to make it stand out is to take advantage of the directional grain lines and go against them. In other words if the grain all goes one way have the inlay go hard against it;

And we're in!;

Thanks for viewing and commenting!
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