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Originally Posted by Bruce Sexauer View Post
... I find this building system so easy to do, and then there's the fact that it gives me more control over the design (one size or shape is as easy as another) and many other aspects of the outcome, it is surprising that more observers have not been inspired to adopt this method. Did i mention that it is also much quicker and requires almost no fixturing?
I am one of the inspired. Other than the first set of guitar bodies I built with a outside mold I have been using the same method to do the basic box. Although I have been bending mostly on forms with a blanket I have also bent a few on a pipe. I showed my sister a partly built box (for her son in law) and she saw the tentalones and exclaimed they are like her tiles. She is a mosaic artist and she related to it in realizing it must take a while to place all of them, something I find relaxing.

I see the way Bruce builds as an extension of how instruments were built previous to modern factory techniques. Other than using a dovetail joint (of violin heritage) the the way he builds the guitars is not very different than classical guitars that were built with Spanish Heel construction. Other than a router and I am guessing a drum sander (can't remember if Bruce has one, don't think he mentioned it in the Custom Shop) I don't think he builds much different than what would have been done 150 years ago. Oh almost forgot, he does use a table saw to do his fret slots, he has come up with a unique jig to do his slots.