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Don't try to tighten it under string tension!
Are you sure it needs a rod adjustment? What is the relief under string tension?

OK, here the process:

First, check the relief by fretting a string at the 1st and 14th fret, and measure the height of the string at the 7th fret. It should be between .003" and .008", that's a little less than the thickness on the high e. If it is way high, like .05", it's adviseable to use clamps to flex the neck the direction it needs to go before you adjust the rod. It's a real PITA to keep tuning up, checking, tuning down and adjusting, tuning up, checking, but you won't break anything that way. Truss rods are designed to hold the neck straight, some are not up to the task of straightening a bowed neck.

Second, set the action height by adjusting the height of the saddle. If it needs to be lowered, you can file material off the bottom of the saddle. If it needs to be raised, the correct fix is to make a new saddle, but you could put a shim under the saddle to raise it.

Third, set the intonation. I'll post how to do that if you need it.
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