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Yesterday's NCAL meeting was dampened by the rain, but not entirely shut down. We got have hoped for 30 to 40 attendees on a sunny spring day, and got 13 brave souls instead on the single rainiest day locally in perhaps 15 years.

I cleaned my shop in about 20 hours of my time over a 4 day period as I wouldn't want anyone to think my work habits are as sloppy as they are. Apparently I was adequately impressive as I am now the reigning president of the NCAL organization. Big whoop. I have been a member of the group since the 90's, and aside from hosting a meeting every year or so, and paying my dues, I haven't really given much to the group. Time to man up, I figure.

When I started coming to meetings, Ervin Somogyi was the guiding force. He was followed by, or perhaps concurrent with, Brian Burns, a flamenco maker and tool and process geek who years ago moved out of the Bay Area to Fort Bragg. The next valiant leader was Natalie Swango, perhaps better known as the CEO of Luthier's Mercantile International. She was followed by Richard Taylor who was at yesterday's meeting and handed the role off to myself.

Because I have found that I am better with ideas than administrative duties, two of the other members who attended the meeting have agreed to assist me with my duties. Tad Laird is familiar to you as a frequent poster in my threads and has become a good friend so that is promising, and the other is an electric maker works pretty much on the opposite side of the kingdom in Livermore (60 miles?), Mike Peterson.

This should be interesting.