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Satisfaction is determined by the relationship between what you expect and what you actually get. Hyping a product, as this ad campaign has, sets expectations pretty high. If the guitars are really that good, then the ad campaign will have been a success. If they're not all that good, then lots of people will focus more on the overstated virtues of V bracing than on any of its actual benefits. (Although, of course, the ultimate measure of success in any ad campaign is generating sales, not product improvements.)

Bill Collings would certainly say glowing things about a lot of his guitars. Sometimes, I think he may have gone a bit too far. But I always sensed that he genuinely believed what he was saying and wasn't just trying to hype a product. His passion came across as sincere, not as staged. The Waterloo line is a good example. Pretty much everything he said about them I found to be true and I understood completely why he decided to build those quirky guitars and what they offered that other instruments didn't.

That may end up being the case with Andy Powers' claims. If all the praise he's heaped (or hyped) on these guitars is justified then I think we all owe him a tip of the hat. If the differences arising from V bracing are minimal, then some will feel betrayed by the effort to convince them that the empror's new outfit is really all that. I really don't think we know yet which scenario will play out. And even after a bunch of the new guitars have made it into the wild, I suspect there will be differing opinions.
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