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Originally Posted by Burton LeGeyt View Post
God I love that rosette- What is the green?? I have searched high and low for some resin or something that has that pale color. I have something close but not quite the same.

I think a lot about how a guitar will age. That one looks amazing, even with the wear. I think the appointments, and the way they were constructed, make a big difference in it looking classic as it gets older rather than just old, or maybe more appropriately, not new anymore.

I am started, in some way. I've been getting the shape perfected before making the molds. Redesigning my CL at the same time- Hope to have the first one of those done for Woodstock 2017. (and hope to show this one with it!)
I don't know what that green is either. I'm guessing it's wood, and I suppose that part would be easy to test if the fretboard was off. I'd also be interested to see how it faded over time. What are the odds that it's not wood, probably pretty slim right? I would think different density stuff would differentially shrink over time. No grain pattern though, so probably not something like lignum vitae which is green. I'm just consistently shocked at the remarkably good condition of these old instruments like Robert has.

I'm sure the mold is a pain in the neck. Until then I'll just continue posting drooly inspirational photos!
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