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Originally Posted by Bruce Sexauer View Post
Today we hiked in Bandelier national Monument and then drove through Los Alamos without actually getting out of the car. Wanted to have dinner at a non hamburger joint and so ate at the La Fonda spa/hotel right downtown. Had Fajitas and they were Okay but pretty tame compared to some of the other fare we had lately. Beautiful and romantic place though, which is what we were after. Thier $16 margarita was not up to the standard margarita at Del Charro, the hamburger joint we DID eat in the night before. of course we went there because it is said to have the best Margarita in Santa Fe.

Yesterday I met the owner and proprietor of High Desert Guitars, Steve, who I had previous had some dealings with over the phone. A few years ago there was a shop within his shop called Different City Guitars that some of you surely recall. The owner of that, Terry Ruby, made quite a splash in the high end handmade guitar world for a while. He ordered and received 4 guitars from me, one of which is the fanciest (yet totally reserved) guitar I have made to this date, which I call Terry Ruby's Fancy, or "the Fancy".

I remember that guitar although I never got to play it. It was spectacular of course and what particularly drew me to it was the tuners. I'm a big fan of banjo tuners (I know I may be the only one), and the tuners that Bruce used on this guitar are the ultimate rendition on the banjo style........ Elegant and exquisitely functional, overcoming the admitted shortcomings of the traditional banjo tuner.

I did get a chance to visit High Desert Guitars many years ago when Different City was there and played one of Kim Walker's 00's, it was probably the finest new guitar I've ever played. I haven't seen another one of Kim's guitars in person since.
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