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We are indeed spending more time in Santa Fe. I'd be surprised if we lingered here till the very last moment and then hightailed it to Memphis, but I do think we will spend a disproportionate number of our "extra" days here. We are now committed to four nights in the El Rey.

Spent the day walking the downtown tourist area and had a very good time. The last time I saw a city with so much to offer a tourist I was in Prague about twenty years ago. Tomorrow we plan to hit the countryside a bit. Maybe some ruins and then Los Alamos for contrast.

Saw a lot of Oaxacan carpets made in the Navajo style today and then decided the visit a store that had genuine Navajo loom work. They have two kinds to offer, genuine antiques, and modern recreations in both traditional and traditionally inspired motifs. It occured to me that the guitar market is not much different. The carpet that Linda and I agreed on was a modern rendition of a traditional design, and amazingly, it was called a "tree of life". It cost about 50 times the price of of the cheapest usable one of the same size we found. In this case that's $3500 relative to $65. If we were instead talking guitars, it would be mine at $15000 compared to the least workable cheapie at $300.

If the show goes well at all, I plan to get that carpet for Linda, and I may do it anyway.