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Mark, as always another interesting thread, I like how you stated you are not on some crusade of hand tools vs power tools, just looking at another way to make a better product.

For me it's always been a combination of hand and power depending on the task at hand. I think my Jet drum sander might be the 2nd or 3rd coolest thing I've bought in the past few years or so, my digital camera being #1(one of the greatest things ever) and maybe #2 MB 560 SEC.

As a finish carpenter I was always surprised on how many guys didn't have a block plane, didn't see how anyone could do quality work without one no matter what power tools you had use of.

As great as hand tools are for somethings I have yet to see one of the most useful power tools non power equivalent a vacuum cleaner. A vac not for dust control but for just general clean up. Some may not think of it as a tool but spend a day on just about any type of job without one and see how it goes.

Will look forward to more posts on this journey.

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