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Originally Posted by printer2 View Post
Actually wanted to highlight more your assembly method rather than tools and that you could build as good a guitar without jigs and such. But as you mentioned it I do recall you having two bandsaws, never meant to imply you resaw your wood with a frame saw.

Reminds me of when I once asked my mother about a recipe and it did not quite come out like when see made it. In the end it was different because I did not add cream. She said, 'well off course you add cream,' as if using it would be understood. I never even thought to mention a bandsaw because I can't imagine not using one. I don't recall reading or seeing any pictures of your pin router. Maybe in an upcoming build you could include a picture of it being used?

Gee Whiz, Fred, I was trying to be funny! Forgot to use an emoticon

My own mother had a state fair blue ribbon winning cake I always asked for on my birthday, and when I had left home I asked for the recipe. I then made the cake and it was a complete failure. I asked her for clarification and it turned out she has assumed the sugar which like your own experience, didn't work out well.

I only have an Onsrud pin router because for a few years I had a side business making 2 dimensional mannequins from FinPly. I sold that business to another luthier many years ago but kept the pin router. At this point the only thing I use it for is cutting out pick guards!