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Originally Posted by Bruce Sexauer View Post
Yes, I build entirely without out power tools . . . except for 8 routers and a pin router, a table saw, 2 bandsaws, three stationary sanders plus a double drum thickness sander, a jointer, a planer. and neither last nor least, an assortment of battery powered screwdrivers.

I do consider my table saw fretting system to be my single cleverest lutherie related development. If more people would take up lutherie, I could likly make a living selling it. That's not going to happen, but if anyone wants one, I do have extras of the critical part available for a modest fee.

Here are two shots of what I am now calling the Tad-block, first cut to length, and then shaped. The clamps are securing the last piece of side mitered to the first piece.

Actually wanted to highlight more your assembly method rather than tools and that you could build as good a guitar without jigs and such. But as you mentioned it I do recall you having two bandsaws, never meant to imply you resaw your wood with a frame saw.

Reminds me of when I once asked my mother about a recipe and it did not quite come out like when see made it. In the end it was different because I did not add cream. She said, 'well off course you add cream,' as if using it would be understood. I never even thought to mention a bandsaw because I can't imagine not using one. I don't recall reading or seeing any pictures of your pin router. Maybe in an upcoming build you could include a picture of it being used?