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Originally Posted by printer2 View Post
I am one of the inspired. Other than the first set of guitar bodies I built with a outside mold I have been using the same method to do the basic box. Although I have been bending mostly on forms with a blanket I have also bent a few on a pipe. I showed my sister a partly built box (for her son in law) and she saw the tentalones and exclaimed they are like her tiles. She is a mosaic artist and she related to it in realizing it must take a while to place all of them, something I find relaxing.

I see the way Bruce builds as an extension of how instruments were built previous to modern factory techniques. Other than using a dovetail joint (of violin heritage) the the way he builds the guitars is not very different than classical guitars that were built with Spanish Heel construction. Other than a router and I am guessing a drum sander (can't remember if Bruce has one, don't think he mentioned it in the Custom Shop) I don't think he builds much different than what would have been done 150 years ago. Oh almost forgot, he does use a table saw to do his fret slots, he has come up with a unique jig to do his slots.
Yes, I build entirely without out power tools . . . except for 8 routers and a pin router, a table saw, 2 bandsaws, three stationary sanders plus a double drum thickness sander, a jointer, a planer. and neither last nor least, an assortment of battery powered screwdrivers.

I do consider my table saw fretting system to be my single cleverest lutherie related development. If more people would take up lutherie, I could likly make a living selling it. That's not going to happen, but if anyone wants one, I do have extras of the critical part available for a modest fee.

Here are two shots of what I am now calling the Tad-block, first cut to length, and then shaped. The clamps are securing the last piece of side mitered to the first piece.


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