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Originally Posted by redavide View Post
Doug, can you be more specific about the reverb you used?

The short reverb was the Lexicon Native Room reverb:

Really nice reverbs. Rick-Slo actually turned me onto these. I didn't think I needed another reverb, but I tried the the demo after he recommended it, and immediately didn't even blink at the rather outrageous price. They all just sound great. The one I used is an "Ambience" algorithm, it's just a very short room sound, so it tends to add some space to even a single mono sound. Most reverbs should have some sort of "small room" patch that you can tweak to get this effect, some just do it better than others. Another reverb that works great for this is the TC Electronic VSS3, which is designed mostly to try to reproduce real spaces, often used in movies. There are patches along the lines of "Small Living Room", "Long Hallway", "Front Car Seat", "Backyard", "Damp Basement", "Phone Booth", and so on (I made those up, but the default patches are like that), and it's all pretty realistic. It would have been a good choice for this, to add some stereo space, but due to a little computer problem, I have that card pulled right now (It's a TC Electronic Powercore effect, which requires a hardware card).

By the way, a cheap way to get a great sounding reverb, especially room sounds like this, is to find a convolution reverb and load it up with the free Bricasti samples. I used to use SIR, but I'm not sure it's free anymore. but many DAWs have a convolution reverb these days that you can load up with impulses. There are a lot available free, and the Bricasti impulses are probably as close as you can get to a $4000 reverb without spending a dime.

For the longer reverb, I used the Universal Audio Lexicon 224 emulation, a classic reverb. But it's barely in there because on both the reference tracks we talked about, Antoine's sound wasn't all that wet. I was mostly again trying to add some width and space to the mono track, so adding a small touch seemed to help a little. This reverb's pretty lively (it plays a big part in Michael Hedges' recorded sound, I believe), so it's nice for something like this where the pickup sound has so little space and animation to it. You can read about it and hear demos here:

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