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I have the same problem and tried everything.

Acrylic nails damage my nails too much. I also tried using silk or fiberglass tape with nail glue - this also damages the nails. I've tried gluing on overlays - both permanently (damages nails) and temporarily (Rico's nails). Heating the nail and shaping it works for a few days.

Part of my problem is my hands are in water a lot, so nothing stays on for very long. I finally landed on polygel nails - kind of a cross between acrylic (softer and more flexible than acrylic, and without the fumes) and gel (stronger, cures with LED). And I only need them done about every 4 weeks or so. My nail that hooks is adhered to the polygel material and it does sometimes begin to separate, but mostly it stays puts and its the best solution I've found so far. With the least fuss and it holds up to water.

Polygel is newer so not all manicurists use it. There is only ONE near me who uses it (I'm in a small town). It is not gel... it is POLYGEL. Colors are clear, light pink, and some darker more opaque colors. I use the light pink which seems the most natural to me.
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