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To say "I play blues" is like saying "I'm going to have a drink". Water, bourbon, scotch, milk, the list is endless, and so is blues. I play a lot of blues, and almost always on acoustic something or other. Slide on a Dobro, jazz blues on my archtops. Real hard to play Muddy Waters, BB King or Stevie Ray V. on an acoustic, currently I do that on an electric solidbody. But obviously any electric archtop would be great for that too, if selected and set up appropriately. When I think of blues and archtop, the first thing I think of is old country blues, in the school of the old masters, and the aforementioned Gibsons would be great as would many Harmony's, Kay's, Kalamazoo, all of which are actually entry level, often laminated or pressed top, more heavily braced instruments with a forward, midrangy, growly sound. A current version would be the acoustic or electric Epiphones, Godin's, the small body laminated versions. All great, these days it's hard to find a bad guitar it seems. But Blues is music, and a guitar is a musical instrument - what comes out is the mind of the player.
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