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Originally Posted by KevWind View Post
Love that song to death
Back in the day one of my good friends, girlfriend was Suzie and we used to wail out that song in the basement .
Gotta say I am impressed with your harmonizing the vocals .. Something I would like to do but cant seem to master .
hi Kev!

Thank you very much! I really appreciate your kind words of support! And, I, too, love this song! I had a cousin we called Suzie, and I could really see her in this situation of falling asleep in the theater and getting into trouble over something so innocent.

And thank you for you kind words on the harmony. My wife, who is a good alto, used to sing these harmonies for the Everly Brothers songs years ago, so I had never tried to sing the Phil Everly harmony lines until just recently for these recordings. So these songs have been experiments to see if I could do it. Fortunately, Phil didn't sing too much into the stratosphere, so his tenor lines are manageable with some practice.

The hardest part about singing harmony with myself is my unpredictable phrasing of words. I tend to give myself a lot of room to fit words into the music. My wife, who is used to singing in high powered choral groups, takes a much more disciplined approach to singing harmony and the need to sing things straight. She has always been pretty frustrated with my phrasing liberties, which makes it hard to keep the words together during a live performance. She knows that now that I am singing with myself that I am finally experiencing her frustrations. At least with a recording, I can do it over until I get the words all together.

Thanks again Kevin!

- Glenn
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