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Originally Posted by islandguitar View Post
Hi're on a roll this week! Fun and rhythm at full tilt....great production on those two songs!
Over time, one realizes you have an awesome guitar collection! Lots of great choices to turn out your very best.
Thanks for posting!
Thank you Fred!

I appreciate your comments!

Regarding guitars, I used to play "Wake up Lil' Suzie" on my '67 Martin D-35, so I tried that today before doing this recording. And it sounded good. Then I tried the Guild 12-string, and that sounded good, too. Then I thought, well, the Everly Brothers used Gibson 6-strings, so maybe I should try that AJ. And sure enough, it really had the best sound for this song, at least in my opinion.

It's a fun song. Thanks for taking the time to comment Fred!

- Glenn
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