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Default Have you ever been in the front row for a concert?

Only once for me - Earl Klugh - 2500 seat Mershon auditorium on the campus of "THE" Ohio State University. Obviously not a top draw, but exciting none the less being escorted to the from row and having the star of the show right in front of me. I have experienced this many times in clubs, house concerts and other small venues, but only that once in a larger concert hall.

Back in the day before the internet, making a play for front row seats required one to camp out in line at the ticket window the night before - if not longer - and even then it was common to end up in the second or third row, most likely due to the number of front row seats reserved for guests of the band, local DJ's, contest winners, and other such dignitaries.

How about you - ever been fortunate enough to grab a front row seat for a auditorium/arena concert?
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