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Originally Posted by 1neeto View Post
Thanks man you made me understand my own stuff even better. I gotta finish that thing, in fact I’m changing a lot of things...that’s why I named it “never done”. [emoji23]

Here’s one song that has baffled me for years because it is notated in 6/8, but the accent every third note says 3/4 all the way.
Sounds like 6/8 to me. The bass (and bass drum) is marking the two beats in each bar, while the sidestick is applying a 3/4 cross rhythm.

Check this, for how many cross-rhythms can be applied within a basic 6/8 beat (marked by the foot tap) - mostly pairs of 6/8 forming 12/8 patterns:
A lot of African music (naturally) uses various polyrhythms within (what we would count as) a 12/8 groove, and the simpler ones have become part of Cuban music, and from there into jazz and some pop (such as the Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson tracks mentioned).
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