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Originally Posted by 1neeto View Post
Harmonic rhythm is how I tell them apart or decide if what I came up with is in 3/4 or 6/8. I set the metronome to 6/8 when I recorded this. It felt more natural since it doesn’t have the waltzy feel of a 3/4.
Well, there are several things which make that very clearly 6/8.
1. It's a six-note pattern of notes all the same length, repeated;
2. The 6 notes break into three triplets, 3 ascending from the lowest, 3 descending from the highest, so the first and 4th notes sound like the main marker points;
3. The first note of each pattern is accented, and changes pitch, implying chord changes every 6 notes (harmonic rhythm);
4. Counting each note as a separate beat makes it feel way too fast (so it's not 6/4 or two bars of 3/4);

Thing #3 is what argues against it being 12/8.
Thing #2 is what suggests 6/8 and not 3/4 - but that wouldn't mean you couldn't establish (say) a bass or drum over it which would turn each 6/8 into 3/4 (three pairs of 8ths instead of two triplets).
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