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Originally Posted by justonwo View Post
Wasn't that guitar on Luthier's Collection for a while? I remember seeing a gorgeous 12 fret with a burst top that I lusted after for a while.
That was a different one, brazilian rosewood, as I remember. Nick had mine posted on his website under "pre-owned Franklins for sale". I first stumbled across it in a post of El McMeen playing it:

I asked El for his thoughts on Nick's Dreads and he raved about that one, "it's as light as a potato chip!" then told me it was back with Nick. He'd owned it for a time, then decided he needed a 14 fret neck because he often capos on the 2nd and 4th frets, so 12 frets didn't have much room left over. El suggested that if I was interested I should contact Nick, so I did.
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