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Originally Posted by mhw48 View Post
Congratulations! You are indeed lucky. I will eagerly be watching the progress of your OMC build. I am only recently the owner of a Franklin: Nick's 12 Fret Dreadnought model, Adirondack over figured mahogany with the most beautiful hand-rubbed sunburst. I didn't order mine new from Nick -- so at first I was a bit jealous that you get to think about, discuss and select every aspect of the guitar; then I realized that there isn't anything about mine that I would have actually done differently! I did buy it "pre-owned" directly from Nick, after a great time emailing and talking with him about his various models. He's incredibly knowledgable as well as incredibly personable. Initially I hadn't actually considered his dreadnought, assuming that it was a square shouldered "Martin style" dreadnaught and since I am not a flat-picker, that didn't interest me. It's not, however. Nick was inspired by Gibsonís Roy Smeck Radio Grande model which has an incredible reputation with fingerstyle guitarists. From what Nick was saying about the dread, it seemed like a fantastic fit for my playing. I wanted something with a bigger voice than my current OM (non-Franklin), a bit more bass but focused, not boomy. I've owned a number of 12 fret guitars, and the warmth of their tone has alway appealed to me. I am still amazed by the sound of my guitar every time I play it, and I am hearing more and more every time. I have alway leaned towards the sound of Mahogany, I'll be very curious to hear your impressions of the Cuban. Nick's guitars are really at a whole other level. You are going to love your guitar!
Wasn't that guitar on Luthier's Collection for a while? I remember seeing a gorgeous 12 fret with a burst top that I lusted after for a while.
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