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So, here's a thought. Wooden guitar companies have been going through a lot of acquisition. CA is, to my knowledge, the first CF maker to have acquired by a larger company. Peavey worked hard to bring CA to a higher level of quality. But in the intervening years, other makers have marched ahead with innovation.

So, what if CA came on the market? What if Rainsong acquired CA/Peavey? Rainsong has done quite well with its steady approach to improvements. CA offers a variety of innovative shapes and engineering . Rainsong has the innovations in materials and build, CA has the innovations for new forms and build. I could see that as working.

I would also see Joe getting into the acquisition mix. I don't know if he would have the bucks, but he has the material and build capability to turn CA genius into CA/Blackbird engineering and material quality.

This front line stuff is interesting.
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