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I have one of the last pre-preavey GXs. It had receded to the background as my playing style and interests changed - so much so that I tried selling it to fund further purchases but barely got any interest at all. Lately, though, I've started doing a lot of flatpicking and all of a sudden the old GX has a new lease on life, it's probably the main guitar I'm playing at the moment . I even took it to a bluegrass jam the other night and it although it didn't quite have the volume of a dred I still managed to get by. (Probably going to go up to 0.013s next string change). It's worked its way back into high rotation in my stable and now I'm quite happy I didn't get to sell it.
So for what I would change - I do find it quite heavy, especially compared to other CF guitars, that would be my biggest suggestion. I'm not sure what pickup system Peavey is now using - I don't amplify much but I suspect I'd do away with the old baggs ibeam/piezo mix that it currently has, and a more elegant solution than the clunky barn door would be nice. I remember Michael Stone putting a soundport on a GX which I thought worked well (I was in store when he did it). Other than that, the neck/heel is great and overall is a very comfortable guitar.
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