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Default CA/Peavey

We talked a bit about CA/Peavey on an unrelated thread--It seems like there should be more to say on the subject.

Composite Acoustics was the carbon fiber gateway for a lot of us. The Cargo was reasonably priced, sounded good, and travelled well. For a while there was a lot of news coming out of CA as the company rolled out a number of stunning guitars.

When CA went down the big news was its purchase by Peavey. For a while, on the old Carbon Fiber Forum, a Peavey representative responded to questions and kept everyone informed about the process and progress of bringing out an improved line of CA guitars.

Now, there appears to be very little news, advertising, or forum participation by Peavey. I think we should flush them out, thus this thread.

Someone at Peavey must keep an eye on Peavey news and maybe, if we started talking about our various Peavey/CA guitars and asking questions, someone might join in and tell us what's going on. It's a thought.
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