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Default Rainsong Parlor...which one? opinions?

Hi out there in carbon land,,,,spent the last week or so looking and thinking about which guitar to buy and have on the advice of Ted and videos, reviews etc. decided on a RS Parlor, 12 fret, best match for my rv travels to my oo Santa Cruz for switching without a great difference in scale
I also like the Kevin Michael but the real short scale under 23" concerns me. Also I think their price is a bit proud....
Now the decision i need to make is with or without a pickup??
Have any of you been installing after markets or going with the built in?? I really don't like trap doors much as if it craps out your guitar has a hole in it. But would a aftermarket be more troublesome as far as feedback etc. than the factory installed? I would assume, the factory pickup is tested to be the best solution?
It appears to be about a hundred bucks or so more than without so not a big deal in cost, most likely less than having one put in later?
I have a Marshall acoustic amp I am planning on using it, not a Fishman, but I would assume the factory would sound ok with it. I use the one channel for my mic as I only do small venues.
Any opinions from you that perform with these would be appreciated very much, the whole carbon thing is going to be new to me. I like the one with the Satin top and the regular carbon back and sides. Not flashy but I like the price point, and if I fall in love with the carbon guitar I can always upgrade later..... thanks, Jerry
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